Friday, 11 November 2016

Lavender Gifts

Our plan is to open a modest gift shop when our little place in France has a blooming lavender field. Hopefully it will bring in a small income, along with renting out our shepherds' huts. I've been giving this some thought because I want to make our gifts, not buy them in. Here are a few pieces of jewellery I've already made.
Here I cut out an image of a lavender plant and glued it into place. I then chose some beads to complement the colours and attached them all to a length of chain and fixed a clasp to it. My first necklace for our gift shop!
Here I've combined a few of my favourite things; (I feel a song coming on...) books, jewellery and lavender. I made these tiny books using cardboard for the cover, then cut paper for the pages, sewed them together, wrapped the cover in lavender paper I'd downloaded and fixed them to earrings with the addition of a bead each.
Another necklace! This time with a little more decoration. I cut out a picture of a lavender plant and glued it to a cabochon. I've added a sterling silver leaf along with more beads - all attached to a length of chain, with an added clasp for securing.
I've decided not to stick with shades of purple as this would restrict choice which would inevitably limit customers. So I making jewellery with nature as a theme, whether it be colour, flowers, leaves etc.
Purple beads matched with sterling silver jewellery findings and a diamanté for sparkle. A girl needs sparkle in her life!


  1. Love the purple bead earrings! :-) You are clever.

  2. Thank you, Maria. You are the first to comment on my new blog. It means a lot that you took the time. I hope you're well and still writing. xx

  3. Hi Angela - they are lovely ... great matching colours - better than the grey we've got around here ... cheers Hilary

  4. Hi Hilary. That's kind of you to say, thank you. Where are you from that they only sell grey? x

  5. Loved reading your blog! When do you expect your tearoom to be up and running? And how awesome to have a lavender field in our area - I live in Aubeterre! ��

  6. Hello Helen. Thank you for your kind words and how lucky you are to be living in Aubeterre. I'm there again next week and am literally counting the days!
    We have our house on the market in Nottingham and as soon as we sell, we are building a house on our land in Bellon. The lavender has grown okay but some need replacing in the spring. That's the trouble with planting and then coming back to the UK for 6 weeks! So the answer to your question is I'm not sure. As soon as we've sold, we're moving over to a rental place while we build and organise the tea room business, so if you know anyone who wants to buy in the Nottingham area.....
    When did you move to Aubeterre?
    Ange x